Reviews Swiss Army Saw: A Worm Drive That Cuts Flush Too

The blade is flush to the housing and with the cover removed it can cut right up to a wall and all the way into corners. With the base folded back the blade projects from the front and can be plunged where the blades standard circular saws cannot—allowing it to be used to remove plates from rough openings and cut sheathing from openings from inside the building. One Saw to Rule them All: The Straight Flush Saw is the Swiss-Army Knife of Circular Saws

The inventor of the Straight Flush circular saw claims to have created the worm drive equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.

Worm drive circular saws have been around since the late 1920’s and despite the many improvements made since that time, their form and function have remained the same. But Seattle-area inventor Jake Cuzdey hopes that will change with the introduction of his Straight Flush Saw, a worm drive model that performs all of the functions of standard circular saws plus those of several other machines. Product Highlights from the National Hardware Show

This new handheld circular saw gives workers the ability to make accurate zero-clearance cuts, which reduces the need for the reciprocating saw and many other tools, and eliminates many secondary cutting operations. With its 8.5-in. flush-cut recessed blade, it offers deeper controlled cuts, including a 3-1/8-in. lower deck cut and a 1-9/16-in. front deck cut. STRAIGHT FLUSH: THE FIRST ZERO CLEARANCE CIRCULAR SAW

ToolRank user SulSaw posted a really cool video in the TR forums that showcases the first zero clearance flush cutting circular saw. The Straight Flush was designed and built by a professional contractor of 15 years, who was looking for a faster way to do his job. Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw

The Straight Flush Saw is something new to the market – in fact it seems to still be getting to the market. In any case, the tool is a remake of the circular saw in such as way as to facilitate both deeper cuts, and more importantly, cuts that allow completely flush positioning against studs, posts, headers and more. The idea is that the new Flush Saw can be a single tool that would replace the necessity to use a standard circular saw and finish with a recip saw – or jump to a reciprocating saw for a job that would be much cleaner with a high-speed circular saw cut. 2016 National Hardware Show

Brought to market by a crowd-funding effort, The Straight Flush circular saw is easily the most impressive circ saw I’ve ever seen. With a blade-left design that resembles a Skil 77 or Mag77, the straight flush has a removeable blade cover so you can cut flush against verticle surfaces. 9 Great New Products from the National Hardware Show

The Straight Flush Saw looks like a circular saw, but really it’s so much more. We chatted with the inventor, Jake Cudzey, on Facebook Live, where he demonstrated just what this tool can do. It can handle zero-clearance flush cuts, has a 3 1/8-inch cut depth, a 1 9/16-inch retractable front deck, a magnesium body, a trigger actuated blade guard, and a twist lock handle for improved ergonomics. It’s available for $575 at Tool of the Year Voting

Here’s a snippet of what says about the Straight Flush Saw. Be sure to check out the site at the link below and vote for us!

Equipped with an 8-1/2″ blade, this is the only circ saw on the market that enables you to make completely flush cuts. It also provides a 3-1/8″ cut depth at 90° and has a -5° to 65° bevel cut range. Engineer says his Straight Flush Saw can cut safely sans guard

Cuzdey says that as the construction industry continues to innovate, the design of the hand-held circular saw has not changed since first introduced in 1927.
Now, the conractor, entrepreneur, and 15-year veteran of the construction industry has redesigned the hand-held saw with his patented Straight Flush Saw. Cuzdey believes his work revolutionizes the construction industry by bringing the basic personal building tool up to date with modern building materials and techniques while also improving worker safety. This new saw is made of lighter magnesium materials and, he says, offers more versatility and functionality over any existing saw on the market today. Cuz-D Straight Flush Worm Drive Saw

From the 2016 National Hardware Show Coverage at

The single-most talked about tool at the show among tool journalists was the Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw. It’s a 9-inch worm drive circular saw configured with a plastic dust-shield surrounding the top of the blade in place of a traditional metal upper guard.

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