The Cuz-D Stright Flush Saw
It leaves
the competition
in the sawdust.
The Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw

The Cuz-D gets jobs done faster. It’s that simple. It’s more versatile, higher performing, and can do the work of seven different saws. The result? You cut your work time in half, saving you time and money.


Take a quick look.

Let’s face it, you perform multiple jobs everyday, why shouldn’t your saw? The Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw not only cuts straight and flush, it can multi-task like a contractor on his fifth cup of coffee. It can undercut, plunge cut, bevel cut, nose cut, and much more. It can even tackle a 6-inch beam in two passes. If only every helper on the jobsite worked this hard.

Watch the videos. See for yourself.

Subfloor challenge

If you have to remove a subfloor, this is your animal. The Cuz-D patented zero-clearance blades allow you to perform zero-clearance flush cuts that track straighter than any other worm-driven saw. You can set the angle of the blade to 5 degrees and cut right against the wall, without damaging the sheetrock or baseboard.

Beam challenge

The standard way to cut a 6-inch beam is four passes with a circular saw, then finish off the remaining center portion with a reciprocating saw.  With the Cuz-D, the job is done in two passes. 

Under cut

The Cuz-D lets you to adjust the rear handle 90°, providing better control than a traditional under cut saw.  

Bevel cut

The Cuz-D can perform a variety of bevel cuts. In fact, its base plate can be adjusted to a maximum of 65° and a even a minimum of 5°.

Guard trigger

Have you ever jerry-rigged a saw with a pencil to hold the guard open? It’s a pretty common practice. It’s also pretty dangerous. See how the Cuz-D solves this problem.

3⅛” cut depth

The Cuz-D’s 3⅛” cut depth lets you rip through 2×4’s at twice the speed. See for yourself.

Cuz fast.