Question: What size blade does the Straight Flush Saw use?

Answer: 8.5″

Question: Why does the Straight Flush Saw use a specific blade?

Answer: We use an inset blade to allow you to make zero clearance cuts- without this special blade the blade bolt would prohibit this feature.

Question: Is the Straight Flush Saw a specialty saw?

Answer: No, the Straight Flush Saw was designed to be more versatile than the other cutting devices currently in use on the jobsite. As you use the Straight Flush Saw you will realize how you are using your other devices less often, if at all.

Question: How heavy is the Straight Flush Saw?

Answer: The final weight of the saw is 14 lbs. 3oz

Question: What kind of warranty does the Straight Flush Saw come with?

Answer: The Straight Flush Saw automatically comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the manufactured parts or design flaws – even if you’re not the original owner.

Question: How does the lifetime warranty work?

Answer: If the saw breaks, bring it into any of our retailers and exchange it after simply filling out a small form explaining what went wrong with it.

Question: Why is the Straight Flush Saw OD green?

Answer: It symbolizes our financial and personal commitment to our program called “A Veterans Life” which is a program designed by our founder to help out our Veterans and rehabilitate homeless and distressed veterans giving them a hand up back into the work force and back on their feet (Read more at ).  Also, it looks pretty cool!