A Veterans Life (AVL) is a for-profit organization focused on building and operating its initial rehabilitation center for both the physically and mentally disabled veterans and prior service men and women who now find themselves homeless or stranded.   The facility will function as a self-sufficient entity including, but not limited to, businesses such as restaurants, manufacturing plants, motor pools as well agriculture and livestock. These businesses will all be owned and operated by veterans with the assistance of AVL.  They will also be open to the public which will bring revenue into the facility.  Additionally, AVL will have other projects for generating more resources for the veterans.  Each veteran will have an opportunity to graduate AVL after a prescribed reintegration course specifically tailored for each veteran.  When veterans graduate AVL they will have at the least an associate’s degree, a driver’s license, housing arrangements, and a career path to help them be financially and socially independent. Click here to visit our website.


Wayne Klamp – Director:  Wayne has assisted in the vision and direction of A Veterans Life along with developing a business plan for AVL’s future.  As a Retired Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Wayne understands the hardships and stress military life has on veterans.  Wayne has also assisted with the homeless community at some of his former military stations. He has a knowledge and passion necessary to lead A Veterans Life.

NEAR-TERM PLANS (Next 6 months)

  • Acquire launch funding for AVL
  • Research, locate, and purchase land for AVL
  • Establish blue prints and a facility model
  • Organize local attack with non-profit organizations assisting them in areas they cannot facilitate

LONGER-TERM PLANS (12-24 months)

  • With AVL’s pro-veteran environment, veterans will be able to regroup and further themselves in a positive atmosphere 
  • Physiological and medical help will be provided, as well as job training, schooling and career opportunities that will help assist in a veteran’s life change
  • Forming local events to assist homeless non-profits, along with assisting in the offsetting of overhead costs for local veteran owned businesses