JLC LIVE Residential Construction Show

Cuz-D a hit at the JLC Live Tradeshow

So we went to the JLC Live Tradeshow in Portland and came back with nothing. And my nothing, we mean, all our saws sold. That’s right, every one of them. Which is proof of what we already know: the word about the Cuz-D is getting out. Our booth was a buzz with interest and the new faces of Cuz-D Industries, Tabby, Terrance, Ben and Kirk, we’re eager to answer any questions and relay any information on our revolutionary saw. Like its ability to flush cut a 4×4 stud or ¼ inch ply wood, while also converting into an undercut saw. Or offering the first truly retractable lower guard and a nose plunge cut capability of up to 1-9/16th inches. It definitely generated chatter around the Parr Lumber booths, who have agreed carry the Cuz-D in their stores. Kudos to Parr Lumber.

Of course, Jake Cuzdey, our faithful owner and inventor, who never passes on a good show, showed up to offer expert and technical expertise that can only be offered by the designer and contractor. Which begs the question, “When was the last time you spoke to the person who actually built the saw you’re using?” You can, when you own a Cuz-D.