The Cuz-D Stright Flush Saw
It leaves
the competition
in the sawdust.
The Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw

The Cuz-D gets jobs done faster. It’s that simple. It’s more versatile, higher performing, and can do the work of seven different saws. The result? You cut your work time in half, saving you time and money.


Take a quick look.

Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw: with dust extractor

How to be prepared for anything,
in one amazing saw.

Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw: side view
One saw does the job of seven.
You do the math.
Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw: deployable front deck

In the construction game,
there’s no such thing as overkill.

See it in action.
Take the Cuz-D subfloor challenge.
Stop wasting time. Get one.